Day 9 Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams Blog Tour

Oh dear! Today’s talented host, Brenda Schweder, has run into some technical difficulties so today’s feature will be delayed just a bit.   In the meantime you can take a peek at her fabulous book, Steel Wire Jewelry!

steel wire jewelry, new book, brenda schweder

It is so awesome I just can’t put it down AND it includes an interesting epoxy clay project. Yay!!!

I also wanted to make sure that everyone knows who is following along on the tour that each and every host site is giving away the core set of prizes which includes epoxy clay, resin and silicone mold making kits.  So if you haven’t gone to all the sites now would be the perfect time.  The tour started on May 1 on my post which has the complete schedule here.

I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday but it was Beth Robinson of Strange Dolls day.  Her work is over the top fabulous and she shares some great tips and wonderful art work including this piece that was in my book.   LOVE!!!!


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