Tools and Supplies for Workshops

Greetings Oh Seekers Of Art Resources!

This page will be grow and change as we document useful tidbits you might want to know especially if you’re taking any of our workshops.



Cool Tools –  specialty tools for working with metal and other types of clays.  Good selection for BronzClay accessories too!

Harbor Freight – inexpensive tools of all sorts.  Great source for metal files, anvils, and every other sort of hand tool.  If you go to their site you will find something you can use at a great price I’m sure.

Widget Supply – hard to find hobby & craft tools.  They have a huge selection of some items such as magnifiers for example. There are probably a hundred of those buggers on this site. Wide variety of items with great prices.


Optical Visors – Where would we be without these!!!  We’ve been known to walk around the house wearing these with the lenses flipped up and do we ever look silly.  All it would take to complete the ensemble is some swimming fins and perhaps some wild Hawaiian shirts.  The best kind have a head band style.  The ones that wrap all the way around your head aren’t nearly as comfortable.  The “good kind” are not that easy to find though.  Here is one source.  As I find more I’ll add them.  If you see these anywhere else please let me know.

Clay Shaper Tools – these are ever so versatile!  I have many sizes and use them ALL the time.  It’s like magic how they can blend seams and help with sculpting clay.  Do yourself a favor and make sure the tip is silicone (rather than just rubber).  There is a difference and you will thank yourself especially if  you’re using sticky clays– watta mess!  If you only want to buy one type we recommend the tapered end design.  Choose the one that is the most flexible available if there is more than one firmness listed.  If you want to shop for these try “clay shaping tool silicone” for your online search.  Here is one source at Cool Tools for the size and type that is my favorite to work with.  The second favorite shaper tool is a flat tip also referred to as a chisel tip.  Here is one of the flat ones you might like also from Cool Tools.

Helping Hands – perfect for holding items as an extra set of hands with little alligator clips.  Harbor Freight carries one for only $2.99!


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  1. Els said,

    October 11, 2009 at 3:40 am

    Another truly essential supply house is Micromark ( Their catalog will make anyone who works small weep with joy.

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