Red White & Blue *Artful* savings!!!

Wow this is great!  Timing is everything right?

If you have been wanting to attend the new fabulous Art Is You West Coast retreat in Petaluma, here is something to sweeten the pot!  Tomorrow, July 4, is the day to register because the registration fee will be waived completely!!!

Stay tuned for the super secret coupon code . . .

. . .

. . .


. . .

. . .

Yes “JULY4” is the coupon code to use tomorrow, July 4!!!   Thank goodness there are not “silliness fines” assessed for such things or I’d be in big trouble   : )

Here are the classes we’re teaching at the fabulous ART IS YOU retreat.   We’d love to have YOU join in the fun!!!

Ghost Box ~  This eerie creation blends art & science into one of the creepiest and fun projects you’ll likely ever see.  You’ll learn many awesome construction techniques in this class that can be used for sturdy and customizable assemblage, jewelry and so much more that you’ll have the confidence to whip nearly anything together without power tools.  Yay!!!  Learn more here!

Mechanical Bird ~ By far our most popular class and it’s filling up quickly so hurry!  Here is a rare chance to learn the simple mechanism to make flying mechanical art masterpieces!  And great news — you don’t need to be mechanically inclined to do this.  This design is our own and is very special because the wings are connected inside the bird (other similar pieces have a rod that connects to the wing on the outside of the bird– not the most natural looking to be sure!).

Very few artists that know the secrets of making automata (mechanical toys for grown ups) are willing to share.  You will learn everything needed to create your own flying machines.  This class even includes an online workshop showing every step with free support after the class is over.  Learn more here!

Secrets to Reveal ~  Learn to make a custom keepsake locket using novel and fun techniques from my “Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams” book to work with the amazing art material, epoxy clay!  Keep what you love dear to your heart in this lovely reliquary.   More here!

There are so many more unique and fun waiting for you on the Art Is You site here!
I wish you the most happy of times this weekend.  There is nothing better in life that celebrating our independence to be free to share and create and just plain experience the best of summer.
Be safe and enjoy!!!



curses in the inbox

Here is a little rant that I feel unfortunately doesn’t show the best side of human nature.  It’s about those emails that say “mail this out to 500 of your closest friends within 20 minutes and good things will happen.  Ignore it and face the consequences of screwing with Karma”.

Now when I get these they usually come across like little annoyances.  If you love me send this back.  Well I’m flippin’ sorry but I do love my friends and I choose to express it in a much better way than propagating cheesy emails.

Usually I just ignore them unless someone asks my opinion.  I always request that I not receive these.

Today took the cake and that is why I’m writing this here.  so in case you ever wondered my opinion!!!

This email had the most sinister tone to it. It instructed the recipient to gaze at an image (I did not do this and immediately wanted to delete the email)

The President of Argentina received this picture and called it “junk mail”, 8 days later his son died.. A man received this picture & immediately sent out copies..his surprise was winning the lottery. Alberto Martinez received this picture, gave it to his secretary to make copies but they forgot to distribute:     She lost her job & he lost his family. This picture is miraculous & sacred.  

You were chosen to receive this Novena.

The moment you receive it, say :   “blah blah blah” <– which is a well-known prayer.

Ya know this is just flat out WRONG.  Not only is it wrong it is EVIL.

I don’t need to win the lottery to be this happy as I am right this minute.  And I don’t want any of my family members to die.  So my choice here is to not send this to anyone.  Is that freakin OK WITH YOU?  You evil mind fu#(ing pukes!!!!  To include sacred words in such an overall bad wish message is just reprehensible.

Why oh WHY if you, Dear Reader, have sent these along to other “victims” what were you thinking when you did?  Did you stop to think about the message you are sending on?

In my book Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams this is what it is written on the page “About Kerin” page . . .

“The most important thing you should know about Kerin is that she wishes you, the holder of this book and reader of this page, the most golden of good wishes and generous sprinklings of unexplained happiness at the most unexpected of times.”

Note that it doesn’t say “buy 5 copies of this book within the next week and you will have good luck– ignore this message and you will suffer a most horrible tragedy”.

Let’s go for the higher good people and be each other’s hero by not perpetuating these bad wishes and bad karma.  Pretty please?


Oh wow!  I posted my very first review on amazon in honor of Alicia’s new zine!!!  This is not her first but it’s the first one in print.  I don’t know if that is why it’s my fav since I can hold it in my hand but I can honestly say it ROCKS!!!!  HERE is my review . . . (oh and the link in case you want to read it on amazon for some reason)

mixed media art zine

I think the (somewhat) muted colors look fantastic against teh weathered grey cover.  How about you?!?!?

OK here is what I wrote.  Do ya think Somerset will hire a hit on me for this?  Well it’s bloody well true!!  They print the same OLD stuff month in month out.  Personally it’s hard to take.  There I said it again!!!!  Wooo hooo I feel so free to speak up at long last!

My review . . .

This just arrived and I am awestruck!!! If major magazines like Somerset had art like this it would be so So SO much better (sorry Somerset but you should check this out and then step it up a notch (or 3). Everything in here is fresh and unique– the colors are jaw droppingly beautiful and the design is nothing short of amazing. When I first opened the box from Lulu I felt just a twinge of disappointment at the size because I knew I wanted to see a lot of the details of the art work that is in there. There are unique assemblage pieces and wonderful altered books– most notably by the Pulp Redux group. It looked much bigger in the photo but it is exactly 8.5 inches square and about 46 pages by my count. But after looking at every page I can honestly say I’ve never seen a better zine by anyone!!! And I’ve owned some of the greats to be sure! This one is in a class of its own. There are fantastic details and it was well worth it! I’m so glad I ordered this!!! A big hats off to Alicia Caudle for curating and designing this lovely little masterpiece full of texture, the loveliest of colors and so much inspiration it is bursting out of the covers!!!!

Well Dear Readers if I don’t post another thing please refer this case to Unsolved Mysteries on my behalf  ; )

Thanks for listening and thanks for being true to yourself as I know many of you are.  I admire that greatly so hats off to you also!  It’s not always easy and there is a price to be paid to march to your own drummer.  I pay it gladly and with an open heart.  Catch you soon


Winners of Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams Blog Tour

This was  my first blog hop that I organized and only the third or so that I’ve participated in.  It’s kinda shocking how well this all went.  I touched base with my new marketing person at North Light yesterday and she thought it was fabulous also (and she should know right!)

Yes indeed, my little chickadees, it seems that a grand ol’ time was had by all– and that definitely includes me.  Even better than having so much fun, this event has introduced many artists to each other and to a world of new possibilities to express their artistic voice.  Epic it is.  So hats off to all the host sites for their amazing work.   My mind is officially blown!!!

And a HUGE thank you to all the sponsors who now will be sending out all these awesome prizes.

Without further anythings, here are the winners!!!

Day #1 ~ Kick Off

1) Amber Heagerty ~  Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams by Kerin Gale.  (who IS this person anyway)

2) Diane of Mountain Salt Studio ~ One Aves Power Pack from

3) Cynthia Hanna ~  Fluid Chalks Online Workshop by Lesley Venable

4) Folk Heart ~ Two Digital Collage Sheets of your choice by Alicia Caudle of Altered Bits

5) Patricia Kurowski – Sample pack of Silputty 40 silicone putty mold mix from Silpak.

6) Katie Cahill ~ 1 OZ ICE Resin and a mixed metal bezel from

7)  Elizabeth of Perplexed Lizard ~ custom locket made by me

Day #17 ~ Alan Rogerson feature

1) Thespoena McLaughlin ~  Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams by Kerin Allouwicious Gale

2) Linda ~ One Aves Power Pack from

3) Lisa Jurist ~  Fluid Chalks Online Workshop by Lesley Venable

4) Judy of French Laundry ~ Two Digital Collage Sheets of your choice by Alicia Caudle of Altered Bits

5) Patricia Kurowski – Sample pack of Silputty 40 silicone putty mold mix from Silpak.

6) Colleen Peck ~ 1 OZ ICE Resin and a mixed metal bezel from

7)  Marina Yax ~ Super Secret Bonus Prize That Wasn’t Announced ~ Resin Clay Pendants online workshop

Inspired Remnants Curious DReams Tour Presents Alan Rogerson

Before I present to  you the fabulous over-the-top, spank your eyeballs with amazing eye candy, art of Alan Rogerson, I’d like to share a few words as the final post in what has been a grand adventure of a blog tour for my book, Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams, as well as a huge celebration of all the artists discovering each other and the (now proven) unlimited potential of epoxy clay.

I am both humbled and ecstatic at the reception the book and this event have had.  It is from the bottom of my heart that I tell you this has meant the world to me.  Thanks to every one who participated whether by hosting a day, commenting on the blog site(s) or who just came by to peek.

Everything that I wanted to accomplish has been realized many times over and the book just came out a few months ago.  I don’t know what the future  holds but I am so happy for the part I was able to play in all this.  Rather like dropping a pebble in a magical pond and watching the ripples continuing to radiate outward.  Just AWESOME!!!

If you have not visited all the sites, I encourage you to do this soon.  There is much to be discovered even if you’ve missed just one blog.  AND you can still register for the giveaways until May 26 on all the sites.  And SURPRISE!  That includes an entire second drawing for this post– a full second set of prizes.   If Alan had a blog this would be his host day so Wallah!  And if you help spread the word about the tour by posting on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, etc., you will get multiple chances (one for each place you post– just mention that in your comment).  The blog list will be posted once again below for your reference.

Special Bonus Giveaway!

To be eligible, all you need to do is leave a comment to this post by May 26. Please note in your comment if you are a resident outside the US.

book tour giveaways for inspired remnants, curious dreams blog tour

A) The book: Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams by Kerin Gale.  This will be mailed directly to the winner from Northlight Books.

B) One Aves Power Pack (selection of their most popular formulas)  from  (This will be mailed directly to the winner from Aves Studios)

C) Fluid Chalks Online Workshop by Lesley Venable on her The Art Of Altering site which features many other awesome online workshops.  More information about this workshop can be found here:

D) Two Digital Collage Sheets of your choice by Alicia Caudle of Altered Bits (yeps, that’s me).  You can see my unique and cool collections at

E) Sample pack of Silputty 40 silicone putty mold mix from Silpak.  This is the formula Kerin recommends in the book that has the longer cure time.  If you want to order any of these materials or have any questions, call Jerry at Silpak 909-625-0056.  He was her technical advisor for the book and so it’s great that you can talk to him directly and get any assistance you may need!!!

F) 1 OZ ICE Resin and a mixed metal bezel from

Grand Prizes For Book Reviews

Any reader that writes a review ~ however short or long ~  of Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams on before July 31, 2011 and sends an email with the title “Inspired Remnants Review” to will be entered in a drawing to win one of these prizes.  Please note that your honest opinion is wanted on this review.  Please note that all physical prizes (i.e. non digital prizes) will be awarded to US participants only.  Access to Online Workshops will be available worldwide.

A) The art piece featured on the cover of the book, “Sacred Totem”

B) Power Pack plus extra Fixit Sculpt clay from Aves Studio

C) A Frozen Charlotte Doll with digital tutorial “How To Crackle Charlottes” from Alicia Caudle of (that’s me again! — see details on the tutorial below)

D)  Resin Clay Pendants online workshop by Kerin Gale from

E)  Vintage Gentleman online workshop by Kerin Gale from

F)  Choice of any one workshop being taught by Kerin and Charley at Art Is You retreat in Petaluma, CA.  The registration fee and workshop cost are both waived.

G)  One copy each of Jen Cushman’s book, Explore, Create, Resinate and Susan Lenart-Kazmer’s book, Making Connections plus ICE Resin and a selection of bezels all from

Special Savings on Workshops and Bundles!

As if ALL of this hasn’t been enough…

During the blog tour (from May 1st through May 26th), you can get $5 off the book Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams bundled with these popular online workshops).  All you have to do is say that you are part of the book tour in the note section when you check-out through Paypal and you will receive the $5 back.  What a fantastic deal!

Resin Clay Pendants Workshop – For those that already have the book $20 (only  $15 during the tour!)

Resin Clay Pendant, Epoxy Clay Necklace, Online Workshop  Resin Clay Pendant, Epoxy Clay Necklace, Online Workshop  inspired remnants, curious dreams, kerin gale, mixed media, art book, epoxy clay, apoxy clay
Resin Clay Pendants Workshop + Book = $35 + shipping
  (only $30)

Vintage Gentleman Necklace Workshop, Online, Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams  Vintage Gentleman Necklace Workshop, Online, Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams  inspired remnants, curious dreams, kerin gale, mixed media, art book, epoxy clay, apoxy clay
Vintage Gentleman Workshop + Book = $40 + shipping 
(only $35)

Resin Clay Pendant, Epoxy Clay Necklace, Online Workshop  Resin Clay Pendant, Epoxy Clay Necklace, Online Workshop  Vintage Gentleman Necklace Workshop, Online, Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams  Vintage Gentleman Necklace Workshop, Online, Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams  inspired remnants, curious dreams, kerin gale, mixed media, art book, epoxy clay, apoxy clay
Both Workshops + Book =  $70 + shipping 
(only $65)

I also invite all blog hoppers to join the already-in-progress epoxy clay party on Facebook.  We are sharing art we’ve made, interesting techniques and answering questions.  There are many things I’ve learned from other artists and here I thought I knew so much!!!  : )  Find it here

Of all the artists in the book, Alan gets his own feature on my blog for a few reasons.  He did by far the coolest art project in the entire book, he doesn’t have his own blog and I would remember the third one if I weren’t taking pain pills since my back went out on Sunday.  Today is the first day I’m even able to get out of bed so this is a condensed version from what I had planned.  Alan has done many more amazing works– some of which I will be sharing soon in a post about automata artists that use epoxy clay in their work.      In the meantime, you can visit his web site.

The photos in the book weren’t as large as I would have liked to see and in the case of his *bathroom* featured on page 105, it really doesn’t show how truly amazing it is.   He  started out with a very ordinary looking bathroom and over three years literally transformed it to a fully functioning integrated art piece which would pretty much put any Las Vegas fantasy suite to shame.

Goodbye plain old tile floor!

toilet paper dispenser

Magazine rack

Above “The Throne”

Shot of finished tub

“The Throne” and sink.  OMG can you believe this bathroom!!!

Come say hello to Alan and the rest of the artists in the book along with many new fans of epoxy clay right here.

And in case you want to visit any places you missed here is the full list of all the host sites for this tour!!!

May 1
Kerin Gale
Remnants of Olde:

May 2
Alicia Caudle
Altered Bits:

May 3
Lesley Venable
Flatwoods Folk Art:

May 4
Christine Lehto
Lilly Bug Studio:

May 5
Seth Apter
The Altered Page:

May 6
Nancy Perennec
Little Bit Wired:

May 7
Jen Cushman
ICE Queen Zine:

May 8
Happy Mother’s Day!

May 9
Beth Robinson
Strange Dolls:

May 10
Brenda Schweder
Brenda Schweder Jewelry:

May 11
Esther Verschoor
Vanessie Art Dolls:

May 12
Kecia Deveny
Lemoncholy’s Flight of Fancy:

May 13
Rachel Whetzel
A Year In The Life Of An Art Journal:

May 14
Shannon LeVart

May 15
Marlaine Verhelst
Marlaine Verhelst Art Dolls:

May 16
Lisa Jurist
Mud Hound Studio:

May 17
Michelle Bernard
Yesterday’s Trash:

May 18
Kerin Gale
Remnants of Olde – Alan Rogerson feature:

May 19
Facebook Party!
Apoxie Clay & Epoxy Clays Page:!/home.php?sk=group_158159677562761

Day 9 Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams Blog Tour

Oh dear! Today’s talented host, Brenda Schweder, has run into some technical difficulties so today’s feature will be delayed just a bit.   In the meantime you can take a peek at her fabulous book, Steel Wire Jewelry!

steel wire jewelry, new book, brenda schweder

It is so awesome I just can’t put it down AND it includes an interesting epoxy clay project. Yay!!!

I also wanted to make sure that everyone knows who is following along on the tour that each and every host site is giving away the core set of prizes which includes epoxy clay, resin and silicone mold making kits.  So if you haven’t gone to all the sites now would be the perfect time.  The tour started on May 1 on my post which has the complete schedule here.

I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday but it was Beth Robinson of Strange Dolls day.  Her work is over the top fabulous and she shares some great tips and wonderful art work including this piece that was in my book.   LOVE!!!!

Day 7 Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams Blog Tour

I have been eagerly waiting for today because today is ICE Resin day on our happy little tour.  As do many artists, I adore this resin.  It is absolutely wonderful to use!  One thing I love most about it is how consistent it turns out.  Have you ever had a resin disaster because it didn’t cure properly?!?!?  Talk about a mess to clean up!

And as far as the clay and resin together as Jen Cushman said so very well, they go together like peanut butter and chocolate!  Before I say any more about today’s host I should let you know that they are having a technical challenge with comments.  But no worries it is being addressed and you will be able to register for all the wonderful prizes on the ICE Resin blog very soon!  In the meantime please leave a comment on their Facebook page to register for their drawing.

I could have easily done many more ICE Resin projects in my book– all of them completely unique using just these two art supplies.  But of course space was very limited as I was trying to show the broadest range possible of what could be done.

I think one of the most widely used ways these will be used together is by making bezels with the clay and then filling it with the resin.  If you missed Lesley Venable’s post the other day she shows some gorgeous examples of this.  I’m sure there are so many things I haven’t thought of yet in Jen’s new book and also Susan’s new paperback edition!  Both of these are available on the ICE Resin site.

Jen Cushman, jewelry, new book, ICE resin

What is really impressive is these are both self-published!  You’d never suspect though.  Aren’t they both just beautiful.  And Jen has even won an award for her book already!  Here is the scoop on that!!

Susan Lenart Kazmer, ICE Resin, new book, jewelry

Jen has done a fantastic job in building the fabulous new ICE Resin web site.  It is just bursting with information and inspiration not the least of which is the necklace she made especially for today’s post.  Yeah so is anybody still here reading this?  I’m sure you’re already over at the ICE Resin site right?  Hello?  Anyone?  hehehe

I’m also doing back flips because not only are they participating in the tour but are sponsoring it with prizes for the individual giveaways as well as the grand prize drawing as well


One of the most helpful things I’ve used the epoxy clay for is connecting all the odd little objects I find together in a secure way.  So here are just some of the many things we’ve made in which epoxy clay made possible

epoxy clay, found object, assemblage, art jewelry, charley slaughter

Charley made this piece and it is featured in the book “500 Pendants and Lockets” along with another fabulous piece he made.  We both submitted 3 pieces and all of mine were rejected so what is up with THAT!!!  : )  At least I get photo credit so I’m in the book anyway!  : )  So the way he made this was he sawed off part of the long screw that was part of the pulley.  Then he filled the shell with the freshly mixed epoxy clay and pressed the screw down into the shell.  Some of the clay came out the top which he cleaned off.  He then set it upside and carefully supported while the clay hardened and Viola!  A fabulous pendant that is very sturdy and cool.

found object, 1,000 steampunk inspirations, steampunk, time travel, clockworks, assemblage, epoxy clay

The Time Travel Instrumentation Device did actually make it into a book (a girl can only handle so much rejection ya know!).  The book “1,000 Steampunk Objects” looks really cool and lots of great artists are in like Erin Keck who I am lucky enough to be friends with!   Erin makes the absolutely most amazing steampunk clocks among other great things.  Love those!!!    In addition there are many more fav artists in there but more on that later!  I must focus!!!

found object, epoxy clay, jewelry, polymer, aged, pitted, optical lens,

StarFishh features a typewriter bale end cap, optical lenses all around the sides and yet another lens in the bottom to let in light from below (kind of works like an uplight when it’s being worn).  Christopher Lowell would approve!

The “shell” was made from epoxy clay and then a faux bone technique with polymer clay was applied over the top.  Once it was baked the outside was further distressed.  You can see more images of it here.

teeth, epoxy clay, found object, assemblage, jewelry, taxidermy

Dentition Relic is yet another example of something I’d be hard pressed to make without the epoxy clay.  You can see more of this and other examples in our etsy shop.  And many more still on this site.  I’d say probably about 80% of everything that is currently listed and has been sold is made with the clay.

Day 6 Inspired Remnants Curious DReams Blog Tour

I’m still here!  And today is Nancy Perennec’s day to host the tour.  Nancy has been posting all along the tour on her Little Bit Wired blog and featuring many fantastic artists who use epoxy clay.

Nancy was also featured in my book I’m happy to say!  Here is the amazing piece I just fell in love with . . . The Reluctant Prince.  Is that not the sweetest EVER!!!

And now on her “host” day she is showing a lot of her own work and you can really see what an amazing artist she is.  Plus she is sharing tips on using  Apoxie Sculpt clay. I mostly use a different formula in the book so this is the place to go to find out more about using Apoxie.   : )

Nancy is also offering an extra giveaway of super cool buttons you can win in addition to the sponsored prizes.  The great thing about the buttons is she shows exactly how she made them.  Brilliant idea Nancy!


It is especially satisfying to share art from those that I think my readers aren’t familiar with.  Jean Bernard is a fabulous artist who works with many mediums as  you’ll see when you visit her site.  I really wanted her in my book but the images were just not high enough resolution required by the publisher.   So at long last I’m finally able to showcase some of her art!

Now as I’ve said so many times you can do anything with epoxy clay.  Here are two perfect examples.   How would you like to fill your home with custom fantasy furniture?!?!?  Just look at the details of this chair.  See all the little faces and such?!?!?  You can click twice on the image for the largest view.  Now won’t you look at grungy garage sale and thrift store furniture differently?!?

Life size chair with epoxy clay details

And how about this absolutely fabulous cake topper!!!   Little known fact is this was for Erin’s wedding cake.   That would be Erin my technical adviser extraordinaire from Aves Studios.  One day I was going on and on about Jean’s cake topper and Erin told me that she knew all about it and why.  : )

Wedding Cake Topper

And here is a detail shot.

Wedding Cake Topper detail

I can’t possibly begin to share everything that Jean does.  She has wonderful online classes and such– some using epoxy clay and many other fabulous materials.  So go there already!

Hope you have the grandest of days!!

Day 5 Inspired Remnants Curious Dreams Blog Tour

Today I’m most honored to have The Altered Page as the host site.

Seth Apter’s Altered Page has become a much anticipated destination in the artful blogging community.  He continually engages his readers with exciting challenges, brilliant art and interesting features.  Seth is known to scratch beneath the surface and so reading his blog is full of insightful happy surprises.  His collaborations are legendary and his art sells so quickly I rarely get to his etsy shop to even see it before it’s sold.

He paints, assembles wonderful assemblages (yes I’m very silly!), does mind blowing collage and as you might guess creates altered books extraordinaire!  He even has his own zine, The Pulse!

I’m sure you’ll agree that the coolness of his upcoming book can at this point only be imagined.  And as if all THAT wasn’t enough he is also featured on the Create Mixed Media site in the “Your Blog, Your Way” series of which you can see part 1 here.   Of all the artists I know in blog land, I think Seth is most perfect for writing about this subject because he comes up with the most amazing ideas and events.  When I’m visiting The Altered Page I’m usually wondering to myself (mostly with my mouth gaping open no doubt) how the heck he comes up with these wonderful inspirations!  Wow I’m even making my own head spin ala Exorcist so I can imagine how you are feeling taking this all in.  This is one talented guy!!!

If for some crazy reason you haven’t happened to visit Seth’s blog yet then I can guarantee that you will be very glad you visit there today!


I love love love love love Liz McGrath!  And she is in my book two!!!  I mean twice.  Yay!  Perhaps you can tell like so many other artists in the book that she is a big inspiration to me.

That the heck is this creature?  I have no idea but like many of her things once I see I want it most severely.  I’d be most happy pulling this along with me on walks near and far.

Happy Cisco de Mayo and pass the Two Equis brewskis please occifer.  I mean officer (hic!).  Enjoy your day and please drive safe.  ; )

Day 4 Inspired Remnants Curious Dreams Blog Tour

TODAY Christine Lehto’s Lilly Bug Studio blog is the host site for the tour.  What a creative genius she is!  You can absolutely tell she didn’t trade in her childlike wonder and curiosity when she “grew up”.  Whatever “growing up” means.  I certainly have no clue myself.   : )

I’m also so very lucky to have a quite charming piece in my book by Christine.   It’s so adorable I smile every time I think of it.

Of her recent work, I especially love the propeller on top of the very large sailboat.  Wouldn’t you just love to fly around in a magical sailboat?!?!?

Here she is putting it on!  To see more and to register for many more giveaways go there this instant!!!


Laurel Skye (in case you somehow missed her on your creative journeys online) is an absolutely amazing mosaic artist.    Taking one of her workshops is very high on my wish list (and trust me when I say there are a LOT of workshops on there).  Her studio is absolutely enchanting and dripping in gorgeous glass!!

Here is the entrance– now how grand is this?!?!?

The hallway in her store!

Her bathroom (gasp!)

And no big surprise by now that even the floor is a masterpiece.

OK you get the idea!  Laurel Skye is a glass goddess bar none.  Now as you might expect as a very experienced and mind-blowing mosaic artist she uses grout on all these big projects.

HOWEVER she also makes mosaics with . . . Ta Da!  Epoxy clay!!!  Now why would she do that you might wonder?  I think it is because there are some cases where epoxy just works better than traditional materials.  Especially when the creative mind wants to make some quite non-traditional pieces.  Like what about these fabulous mosaic winged SHOES!!!

This is the piece I wanted to showcase in my book which to both our respective dismays did not make it in.

My dears I so badly want a pair of these to fly around town when I’m not in Christine’s magical flying sailboat.

Laurel has a book out now and I defy you to try NOT to get it after seeing the immense talent this lady has.  Just click here to be whisked away to get your own copy!

Hope you are able to handle all this eye candy.  I’m even a bit overwhelmed seeing it all together on this tour.  See you soon!!!

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